The big kick-off

Season starts on Saturday, and I reckon it’s about time I made some predictions.

Champions: Tampere United
Intertoto: Inter Turku

Relegated: Lahti, Viikingit

Suomen Cup: Atlantis

One to watch: TPS (I’m genuinely fascinated by their money, manager, owner and fans. Who are most certainly not a group of sissies)

I honestly don’t know enough to make any predictions here, but I hope both Tampere clubs do well, Atlantis and KuPs get promoted and JJK at least stay up.

I know even less here, so personal favour dictates I wish good luck to Musan Salama and Gnistan.

So you’d better run down the bookies right now!


3 Responses

  1. I really doubt Atlantis will amount to anything other than another bankrupcy – apparently they’re EUR30k behind in wages and several players and the coach left during the course of the week.

  2. Oh ye of little faith….

    Seriously? Well they’re a bit buggered then. I like the ‘financially challenged’ clubs, anyway….

  3. Looks a bit light, doesn’t it?

    Last I heard they had worked out a payment scheme of sorts so they can at least begin the season. Whether they’re able to finish it — well, that’s another question.

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