Rules are rules!

So, Tampere United won’t let me speak to away fans. Or rather they will, but only across a fence. What the hell do they think is going to happen? Am I going to go across there and batter all 50 KTP fans to a bloodied pulp? Does this happen at ice hocket games? I think the answer to both questions is no.

After the game, in O’Connells, Sinikaarti and KTP fans met up and chatted, discussing the national team, the game we’d just seen and the state of Finnish football. It’s possible someone was stabbed to death, but I have to say that I missed it.

So why do the stewards at Ratina say ‘rules are rules’ when I ask to go and say hello to the kotka fans? It’s ridiculous. There were maybe 3,500 fans at Ratina, and nobody wanted a fight. Except the steward. She seemed to be itching for a rumble. I denied her the pleasure, though.

Seriously though-what does Finnish football expect to achieve when they treat their fans like criminals?

I’ll write some more about the first two rounds when I’m less drunk and less pissed off.


3 Responses

  1. Yes there was 2 stewards for every ktp-fan in Ratina. 🙂 In Kotka we don’t have this problem, so welcome to some ktp-game in the future! Keep up the good work.

  2. Naulan kantaan!! Exactly!!

  3. In Mariehamn we had a bunch of FCLK-idiots visiting yesterday. But no problems. They behaved, eventhough they tried to provocate. But who cares? A few of them shouted some abuse in finnish, but we could hardly care less. But the point is that we could fight as much as we like, because there are no divided areas. But why would we even care? “Come out and fight”, they tried, but we wanted to watch the match. In the middle of the second half the stood behind the stands eating icecream. Real bastards. Ha,ha.

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