Two games in

Bit calmer now, apologies for the rant. I love stewards really.

So, everyone’s played two games now, and the league’s looking a bit clearer. TPS have defied my fat jibes and are now third with 4 points, along with HJK and Tampere United. FC Haka are top with a 100% record, having won in Pietersaari yesterday. The results from yesterday are here:

FF Jaro 1 – 2 Haka Valkeakoski (EDIT-copypasted from admirable geographical accuracy, but I’m sure they don’t like it)
HJK Helsinki 0 – 0 AC Oulu
IFK Mariehamn 0 – 0 FC Lahti
Inter Turku 5 – 0 VPS Vaasa
MyPa 0 – 2 TPS Turku
Tampere United 2 – 1 KooTeePee

Viikingit have just beaten Honka 3-2 in what sounds like a belting Helsinki (area) derby, to join the bunch of teams on four points. You can see the goals here.

Now I’ve only seen the Tampere games so far. That will change when I go to Haka-Lahti on Thursday, but anyway. I think it’s another Veikkausliiga season of topsy-turvy ups and downs-whether this is due to the strength or weakness of the league I’m not really sure. The good results Oulu and viikingit have achieved show that. Then there’s the battle of the big spenders in Anjalankoski-Armand One scored, and Kuami Agboh didn’t. If they beat HJK next week, TPS will be confident about the rest of the season.

Tampere United were competent against a young Kotka team, who put up a good fight. I missed some of the match by remonstrating with stewards, but Wiss definitely helped. I think he’s what they call a ‘calming influence’. That sounds a bit patronising, but he seems to have a noticeable effect on the other members of the team. Kujala was much better than at VPS, and Pohja’s through ball for the goal was the kind of thing he was signed for. Defensive frailties are a bit of a worry though, teams will have noticed the effect Kuoppala’s absence is having.

A word for the Kotka fans-a full busload of them were there, and it’s a long way from Kotka to tampere. And this was a ‘school night’, too. They were in fine voice and a credit to their team. It’s just a shame I couldn’t have spoken to them at the match…. I got a text from someone going to HJK-Oulu yesterday (sorry Willie, I’ve no credit on my phone right now-if you read this can you email me? I’m in Helsinki next week and we should have a pint or something), saying he doubted there’d be any Oulu fans there. Were there? Kärpät seemed to take huge numbers to Jokerit the other week, and HJK must be one of the easier away games to get to (better rail and air links). plus there are all the ‘exiles’ that habitually inflate the crowd for most clubs visiting the bigger cities.

I’m rambling now, so I’d better stop. A word on the lower divisions first though. KooVee have signed Petri Heinanen, and there can’t be many internationals in Kakkonen. I’ll try and get there, but I have some, er, domestic responsibilities that may preclude my attendance. If you’re at a loose end in Tampere tomorrow though, get down to Tammela-it’s a great stadium, and KooVee are one of the old traditional multisport clubs. they have an ice hockey championship to their name and if you’re in Tampere for any length of time you’re almost guaranteed to see somebody wearing their colours.

There are Kakkonen games all over the place tomorrow, use the link to your right to find them. The alphabet soup is a geographical minefield I’m afraid-I aim to blog something about this at some point, but in the meantime the excellent is your friend.

On Sunday Ykkonen starts, and there are games in Hämeenlinna, Joensuu, Kokkola, Helsinki, Kuopio and Tampere. I’m not sure where PK-35 play, but they’re at home to TP-47. I’m sure there’s a reason for their names, maybe someone will enlighten me….


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  1. PK-35 play in Helsinki, the name stands for Pallokerho, a ball club or something like that. -35 stands for the year club was founded.
    TP-47 is Tornion Pallo, founded 1947.

  2. Thanks TT. Like I’ve said before, Finnish football clubs’ acronyms are a minefield.

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