Haka 1 Lahti 2

Great performance from Lahti. They’re struggling manfully with the handicap of winning the League Cup and charged into midtable with a late winner from Mikko Houhia. Their frontline looks big strong and dangerous, with rafeal leading the line, at the back they look vulnerable. Very vulnerable. There was comedy goalkeeping too, from both teams.

Haka were woeful after the first half hour. Granted, they should have been three goals up, but that’s no excuse. Highlights are here.

It’s a lovely ground though, a real small town feel to it. And everyone I spoke to spoke Finnish to me, but smiled coyly in that very Finnish way that means they don’t meet too many foreigners. I’ll have to go back.

In other news, a good win for AC Oulu at home to Inter Turku. Maybe Castren Stadium is going to be quite an advantage for them? Apologies to their travelling support too-I’m reliably informed there were 11 Oulu fans at Finnair stadium last week.

VPS and MyPa had a dour 0-0 at Hietalahti, and KTP won 1-0 away at Viikingit. You can see all the goals via NettiTV from Iltalehti.

I’m off to Honka tomorrow, hopefully it’ll be a big crowd and Daniel Nwoke will make his debut for Tampere.


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