Tampere, top of the league…

Till Monday at least. Looked like an eventful game from the highlights (I didn’t make it in the end due to work commitments). Things looking good going into the TPS-HJK game on Monday, which might be a belter. Looking forward to my first look at Armand One, who had two cracking shots at MyPa, scoring from one. He looked in decent shape too, sticking it to the Raith fans who took the mick when he signed.

It’s on Urheilukanava at 7pm. i don’t have it and I think there’ll be ice hockey on in most pubs. If anybody has any recommendations for football pubs, do let me know….


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  1. What a shitty trip to Espoo, the biggest suburb in Finland. Got lost on the way, we barely made it before the kick-off. Shitty performance from TamU, great 3 points though!

  2. heh, it looked that way from the highlights. Winning ugly is an important skill if you’re going to be in the shakeup though, and if they can restrict teams to one goal even with Myynti playing then they’re going to be up there….

  3. And 3 hours to Espoo? Damn. Better than a broken down bus though…

  4. Never trust sober people sitting in the front…

  5. Ooh, great stuff, this blog, your enthusiasm for our tiny footballing circles is rather remarkable, almost makes me ashamed of my relative apathy.

    I doubt Raith fans are paying much attention to One’s current exploits but he certainly silenced the MyPa crowd, not that we were very loud at any point but occasional bursts of laughter were heard. Like any striker that big he often looks clumsy but even in the first half there were signs that there is genuine talent hidden beneath all those big bones, he took some deft touches almost creating space but was too slow to take advantage, faster brains than body.

    He’ll score a lot if he can be bothered to keep himself in not completely round shape and will certainly liven up the season. Watch out also for Mika Ääritalo if you manage to see the game, quick direct winger with bright future.

  6. Thank you very much. I was going to forward the runningball post to you, but I guess you’ve seen it now.

    Didn’t manage to see the game, but I’ll keep an eye out for Mika Ääritalo. And buy a digibox next payday.

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