Viikingit 1 MyPa 4

Some howlers from Luis Fernando and a virtuoso performance from Leilei Gao sent MyPa storming up to third place in the league. Highlights here.

If anyone can read Gao’s blog, I’d love a translation.


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  1. Football may not be the most popular sport in Finland but I wonder why only a few Veikkausliiga games are televised. I imagine is not a matter of taking spectators away from the stadiums. Veikkausliiga games should not be too expensive for a cable tv to buy. Also playing during summer people should be more free to watch football on tv. If you know that at 18.30 there is a football game to watch on tv would you like to watch it ? I would.
    Tell me if I’m wrong.

  2. Well the Finnish sport channel Urheilukanava televises games, including the MyPa Viikingit game. They show one game a week and I don’t think they pay much for it. It’s free to air and you can get it if you have a decent ariel, cable or a digibox.

    The links I provide here are from one of the tabloids here, Iltalehti. The rights can’t be that valuable if they have games up within a couple of hours of the final whistle.

  3. Televising more games could be a good way to improve football movement in the country or abroad ?
    For example I am sure that incomes from international bookmakers to allow people betting on Veikkausliiga games are more valuable than selling entrance tickets for the clubs.
    Almost every European citizen has its own digibox and there could be space for a tv channel televising and promoting finnish football.

    Or it’s just me wanting to see Tamper United games in my living room ? …

  4. Use this for translation for Gao’s blog:

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