Helatorstai games

Well, not really helatorstai. Tampere United travelled to Oulu yesterday, a wonderful bit of scheduling for the travelling fans. They lost 2-0. I didn’t go, but Daniel Nwoke made his debut and had a great flicked header cleared off the line. Lets see how they react on Sunday against Inter, who drew 1-1 at home to Honka.

I went to Haka yesterday for a disjointed game with a card happy ref. Manninen scored and CM 2001 stalwart Henri Scheweleff played for VPS. In the flesh he looks rather like a blonde Jarvis Cocker, a skinny type who holds his arm out at a funny angle when dribbling. He did little and was substituted, but for some reason he was in demand when he came back to Finland. Opting for his hometown club was unsurprising as most Finns try to do that when they come home.

Highlights are here.

EDIT-apologies for the short post, I have a lot to say about the Haka game and the TPV-PP70 derby at Tammela today. But I have to write 700 words on tennis (or ‘fucking tennis’ as it is known in the Egan household) tonight, so it must wait.


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