Tervetuloa Aapo and Jussi!

I’m off on my holidays next week. Never been to Greece before but I’ve heard very good things and Lesbos is supposed to be lovely. I can’t wait.

Anyway, this means that I will leave you in the capable hands of Aapo and Jussi, who will update the blog while I’m away. Jussi lives in Turku and can answer any of your questions about the best team called Inter in Finland and the second best team called TPS in Turku, and I’m hoping Aapo will share with us his fears about the rise of Islamist hegemony in his home town.

Welcome boys, make yourselves at home…..


6 Responses

  1. Thanks for the invitation, Egan, though let me still remind you that most people who have told me to make myself at home have eventually regretted it.

    No niin, jengi. Olen Aapo, ja tapani tulette tuntemaan.

    So what do you kids wanna hear about? How Sukru Uzuner came to Finland? How strong is the islamist hegemony in Suolahti? How me and Egan almost went to Shefki Kuqi’s wedding last summer? How to spend a decent Monday night out in Colchester?

    Football isn’t exactly my dearest cup of grappa, but I’m sure we’ll have fun here.

  2. mmm grappa… where did you study in Italy?

  3. Well last time you entered my home for more than a few hours I didn’t tell you to make yourselves at home, and indeed gave quite specific instructions as to how my home might differ from yours.

    My dear flatmates from that time remember you both and still discuss ‘the Finnish men’ as some kind of cautionary tale, the moral of which being that whatever problems you have with a man, just be thankful he isn’t Finnish.

    And I vote for an expose of the Muslim(s?) of Suolahti. He must have been a real bastard to have prompted that tundratabloid rubbish.

  4. mmm grappa… where did you study in Italy?

    In Forlí, Romagna. That’s where the Duce came from. There’s a football club which at the moment played possibly in C2 – I went to see them once, when I had just moved in, and got an impression that it was a weekly event mainly for local drunks and village idiots. No normal-looking person among the audience; if the town had any they probably went to watch Cesena or the Forlivese basketball team.

    And I vote for an expose of the Muslim(s?) of Suolahti.

    The clash of civilizations in Central Finland it is, then.

  5. Just catching up with your site – Good stuff. I will check in from time to time.

    I have just finished my season with a cracking game at Warlingham in the Combined Counties League, Division One.


  6. Hah, the Warlingham game sounded great. And mushy peas are one of the things I really, really miss about Yorkshire (they’re difficult to get down south, and even if you do they often don’t arrange it properly-chips, salt, vinegar, peas and vinegar again, in that order).

    Ground hopping in Finland is an interesting pastime, but by far the best stadium is here in Tampere. They’re letting it fall into disrepair though, and spending millions and millions on a new ice hockey arena. The silly buggers.

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