Tampere, Tampere va fan culo!

As sung by the Inter fans yesterday. They really are taking this Italian thing a bit far. I mean it doesn’t scan, for one. Italian clubs are usually two syllables, and of course the perfect ‘va fan culo’ song is ‘Juve, Juve, va fan culo!’.

I don’t really see why they did this except to try and get a bit of reflected glory from their namesake’s recent scudetto. And to look all cool and cosmopolitan, like. They should stick to ‘Haista Vittu Tampere!’, it sounds much better.

Of course, ‘Turku, Turku va fan culo!’ scans perfectly. I wonder if anyone will sing that this season?


One Response

  1. Hi Egan!

    Just a small correction:
    either it’s “Vaffanculo”, the most common spelling,
    or “Va’ a fa’ ‘n culo” the spelling of the linguists, which is not generally used.

    I found your blog by chance.
    It’s gonna become my guide on Finnish football…
    Be sure it’ll be “consulted” often from now on!


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