Mixu Paatelainen, Scotland’s goodwill ambassador to Finland

HJK – TamU 0-2
Jaro – Honka 1-2
AC Oulu – TPS 1-3

A solid victory over HJK to Tampere United, Toni Järvinen is playing well right now. Two goals against Inter on Sunday, and two assists today, almost identical to each other.

Honka scored on injury time and Ääritalo’s two goals made the Turku boys’ home journey through the ever-lovely Ostrobothnia supposedly a bearable experience. Their next match will be against VPS on coming Sunday and, as far as we have been informed, will be played in front of some special guests. Nine members of Cowdenbeath Supporters Club will make a demarche to Turku, meeting Mixu Paatelainen and witnessing a coastal football clash.

And yeah, if you lads fancy a Saturday excursion to Tampere, there should indeed be some third tier footy in the fine football ground of Tammela. It can’t be, and won’t be, watched sober.

Welcome to Finland, Cowdenbeath!

(Highlights here.)


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