Timo Soini downs three pints and supports Millwall

After such a miserable performance against Serbia, let us warm up with something light today. As a reference to the Dane who attacked the referee in Copenhagen on Saturday, and in papers apologetically explained his behaviour by the 15-20 beers he had drunk prior to the match (an excuse which in Finnish would be delivered best by the statement “kännin piikkiin”), today’s Ilta-Sanomat is curious about how many malted beverages does a Finnish football fan consume before a live football experience.

Four fans – namely Christina Forssell, Mikael Forssell’s sister and a player herself; Timo Soini, a politician; Arto Nyberg and Peter Nyman, both TV journalists – were inquired, and of them Forssell and Nyman, according to their own testimony, drink none. Nyberg and Soini drink three pints on average. It is also revealed that Timo Soini, a leader of the moderate nationalist True Finns party and possibly the most famous Catholic in Finland, supports Millwall FC. What club, if any, he supports in Veikkausliiga, is not revealed.

However, consider yourself informed.


3 Responses

  1. Soini really is a cunt’s cunt, isn’t he?

  2. Your guest blogger is personally more curious about how much of the football related beer consumption among Finnish celebrities goes underreported.

  3. I’m trying to ignore that, as my current medication precludes intoxicating substances. It’s mighty difficult to watch England without drinking, just as it’s really hard to visit Tallinn without enjoying a few beers. Watching England in Tallinn, sober, could well be one of the more dispiriting experiences in by fledgling career as a journalist.

    I will endeavour to get these facts to a wider audience, anyway. Why didn’t they ask Ahrinmäki?

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