Owls, Romans and upsetting results for HJK and KooTeePee

Well Finland seems to have gone owl-crazy. Ilta Sanomat suggested a new kit for the national team, and some lovely owl related merchandise. I love it, being blue and white striped with the trappings of the greatest bird in football. We’ll see if the Finnish Football Association (SPL) follow it up.

I have to say I’m a bit gutted I missed the Belgium game, as my soccernet piece would have been a good deal less negative if I’d been there. Giving the young players their head brought it’s rewards, and the brothers Eremenko can be proud of their contributions. We’ll see if Hodgson is brave enough to stick with this team against Borat’s boys in August. I somehow doubt it, and fear we’ll be back waiting and worrying about the old fellas.

A quick well done to Armand One on being named player of the month for May, and to JJK for beating TPS 3-2 in the cup. They’re having a good season, third in Ykkönen 3 points behind the leaders. I’ve said before I’d like them to do well, so I may as well repeat myself.

An even bigger well done to the people down at GrIFK, who have progressed to the next round of the Cup after beating KTP 1-0. GrIFK represent Kauniainen, possibly the richest suburb in Finland and Grankulla IFK (they are of course a club founded by Swedish speakers) currently compete way down in Kakkonen.

Meanwhile Veikkausliiga got back underway after the international break, and HJK continued their woeful run with a 2-2 draw at home to Jaro. They still haven’t won a game at home this season.

TPS won away at Viikingit, only 1-0 but then the Vuosaari Vikings have troubled most clubs they’ve played, without threatening too much. They’re big, ugly and organised.

Highlights here

A very big match on Thursday with Haka playing Tampere United in Valkeakoski. A win for Haka opens things up again, whereas if they lose it’s very difficult to see anyone catching the leaders.

TamU 8 19
TPS 8 17
FC Haka 7 16
FC Lahti 8 13
MyPa 8 12
FC Honka 8 12
HJK 9 11
FF Jaro 8 9
AC Oulu 8 9
FC Viikingit 8 8
FC KooTeePee 7 7
IFK Mariehamn 7 7
FC Inter 8 5
VPS 8 3


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