Finnish clubs in the Intertoto Cup, UEFA Cup and Champions League

The draws are approaching for the european competitions, so I thought I’d better post something about them. The first Finnish club in action will be FC Honka, who face FC TVMK from Tallinn. It’s a nice little trip for the boys from Espoo, and they’ll be disappointed if they don’t progress.

The home leg will be played at Pohjolan Stadium in Vantaa on Sunday the 24th of June at 7pm, the second leg will be at Lillekula in Tallinn on the 30th of June or 1st of July. A rare chance for Helsinki football fans to see both legs of a European tie for less than it would cost to travel to Tampere.

The winners of the tie will face Aalborg of Denmark.

Finland have three teams in the UEFA Cup this year, HJK, Haka and MyPa. MyPa snuck in through the fair play ballot, and have the best coefficient of all the Finnish clubs after their progression to the second qualifying round of last year’s Champions League. They lost to FC Copenhagen, who made it into the group stages.

Tampere United will compete in the Champions League and are seeded for the first round. This will thankfully ensure they don’t have to play Dinamo Zagreb, shunted into the First Qualifying round to make up the numbers after the Champions of Andorra, San Marino and Montenegro were brought into the competition.

Their coefficient of over 17,000 is nearly three times bigger than that of the club with the next highest coefficient, APOEL Nicosia. I wouldn’t like to be Rangers FC (Andorra), Murata (San Marino) or Zeta Golubovci (Montenegro) if they draw the Croats.

The draw for the Champions League is on the 28th of July in Nion.

In the UEFA Cup HJK and MyPa are seeded, whereas Haka are the top non-seeded team. This could mean they end up facing Henrik Larsson’s Helsingborg, Norwegian giants Vålerenga or Lennart Johansson and Paavo Ahrinmäki’s favourite team AIK Solna. Not as bad as Dinamo Zagreb, but they’d probably prefer Carmarthen Town or B36 Torshavn.

Not sure when the UEFA Cup draw is, I’ll keep you posted if I find out more.


2 Responses

  1. Great post. Thank you. So now we know when and how support the finnish clubs across Europe.
    As a Tampere United fan I’m already crossing my fingers hoping for a draw against Murata, the San Marino Champion.
    The small State of San Marino it’s just three-and-a-half-hour driving from Rome and it would be nice to go there to watch the game.

  2. Thank you. Hopefully there will be some more Italians there and maybe even some Finns-Ryanair is going to start flying to Milan from Tampere soon…

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