Jakobstad Rost Fri?

IFK Mariehamn – TPS 0 – 3
HJK – FC Haka 2 – 1
TamU – FF Jaro 2 – 1
MyPa – FC Inter 1 – 3
AC Oulu – FC KooTeePee 1 – 2

Is it really true they’re named after stainless steel? If so, I will have a good deal more sympathy for them. Stainless steel being, of course, a Sheffield invention.

Got visitors arriving very soon, and will be pretty busy for the next week. I’ll try and post a bit about a great performance from Zeddy Sailetti and RoPs against TPV yesterday, and a bit about Jarkko Wiss’s animosity towards the Jaro fans, and about the little Brazilian winger who according to Sinikaarti likes a drink, but I sense that I may not have time.

The highlights aren’t on the website yet, I will put them up tomorrow morning. As it is, I have English beer, marmite and wensleydale cheese arriving in my house any minute. And, like, my sister and her family. Which is nice too.


4 Responses

  1. The Finnish version of “Jakobstad Rostfri”, Pietarsaaren Ruostumaton, would make a nice abbreviation. Either “Piru” (devil) or “Pieru” (fart). I can see why they picked the Swedish one.

  2. Wot no Hendo’s?

  3. There may well be henderson’s, I dunno.

    I forgot to ask for my Henderson’s relish t-shirt though, which was foolish I feel.

  4. Are they like Stocksbridge Park Steels? A works team thats outgrown the works? And aren’t there a couple like that in the Welsh Premier?

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