Jonas Emet, cursed by FiF

After my big build up, the poor lad didn’t get much of a look in and was substituted. Ah well, never mind. As the current ‘jewel’ of Jaro’s academy, expectations are high but he’s only 19. No reason to get over excited just yet. Following in the footsteps of the Eremenko brothers could be a bit of a mixed blessing, although I wouldn’t quite call it a poisoned chalice.

Weekend’s highlights are here.

Congratulations are due to HJK, as they celebrated finally winning a home game with some rather over the top festivities. Planning them in advance was a bit disrespectful to Haka, though.

The TamU-Jaro game was strange. Tampere United looked dominant as usual, incisive when necessary, but strangely sterile. The defensive fragilities were still evident, and and an own goal against the run of play is not the kind of thing that happened so often last season. Coming after Saarinen’s failure to play in Nwoke at Haka cost them two points, maybe these things are indicative of an underlying problem affecting their consistency?

Still, they’re top of the league and winning games. Conceding a goal and drawing a local derby with another title chasing team are not usually cause for concern so early in the season, but TPS are hitting some good form and the game at Veritas on the 29th will be tough. Once again, Tampere have the chance to pull clear, but then they had the same chances last season. I think any failures to capitalise on these chances will be punished this season, as Mixu seems to be building some good team spirit down there.

Now to the important stuff. Piracaia has been in Finland for 15 years, starting his career at the now defunct FC Jazz in Pori. He’s obviously a good player and won a title in 1996 with the Pori club, named after a Jazz festival (or is it the other way around?). He’s 37 now, but still sprightly, and with an array of taunts from the opposing fans. No idea why, but they were singing about his propensity to drink, and ocasionally drive after having done so. Any explanations are most welcome, this is the kind of stuff I like.

The other bit of ‘banter’ from the game was Jarkko Wiss’s celebration, cupping an ear to the Jaro Sällskapet people. He’d played there for a year and then moved to HJK, so I can understand their animosity (if that was the reason). Then he moved to Molde before the famous HJK year in the CL group stages, and due to his poor transfers was doomed to playing for Carlton Palmer from that point on. I reckon the poor guy is still scarred by the experience.


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  1. About piracaia:

    The guy got busted while driving under influence of alcohol (is that the proper term?) a few years back – I think it was during Juhannus (=midsummer). A “convicted” drunk driver, that is. And when you add the fact that he is quite easily provocated makes him an easy target. Plus, he is a good player, that’s for sure.

  2. It once took Jarkko Wiss to put a bitter stop to Sükrü Uzuner’s cup gloria and a promising football boom in Jyväskylä.

    During his time in Rostfri, Wiss struck JJK dramatically out of the Suomen Cup. I think it was* a quarter final and he scored the winning goal in extra time; Voihan Wiss went the headline in Keskisuomalainen.

    Of events more trivial, Wikipedia tells that in 1994 Wiss scored a winner against HJK, in some game that clinched the championship for his native TPV.

    * All Aapo-written sentences that start “I think it was” are open for debate.

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