Betting on Finnish football

Just been perusing the gaming pages of a turf accountant. Apparently, you can bet on games in this league, which I can’t imagine is of any interest to anybody except the friends and family of those involved.

I’ve talked a bit before about the discrepency in odds between the Finnish government and private bookmakers. This time I just wanted to make sure everyone gets their pitkavetos right.

My tips are for Veikkausliiga though, as I can’t provide much in the way of assistance to those wanting to wager on Kolmonen. But I will say that 3.2 is a very good price for a draw at the Wiklof Holding arena, where IFK Mariehamn take on MyPa on Monday. They’ve drawn 5 of 8 matches this season, and don’t have a great record at home, while MyPa have drawn 3 of 5 away from home this year.

While most of MIFK’s draws have come away from home, I reckon the game after midsummer will be a pretty even affair, possibly not because the players are still hungover.


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