Lagerboom goes Alemania

Just some recent personnel happenings:

Of Finnish internationals, Paulus Roiha moves from ADO Den Haag to Ujpest, Budapest, and Markus Heikkinen from the beautiful airport city of Luton to the ugly Habsburgian relic of Vienna. Pekka Lagerblom hops from FC Köln to Alemannia Aachen and Aki “an Armenian thumb up my arse” Riihilahti joins FF Malmö’s finnjävels [sorry, his fellow specimen in Djurgården, to be exact] by leaving Kaiserslautern.

In Veikkausliiga, HJK’s Farid Ghazi has retired from football and returned to Algeria, citing family reasons. In Ykkönen, KPV have signed Tuomas Uusimäki – defensive midfielder with five appearances in national team – who has played last six years in Sweden and Austria but returned now to his native Kokkola, also citing family reasons.

AC Oulu have sacked Slatni & Banduliev, two foreigners.


7 Responses

  1. Riihilahti joins djurgården, for whom Toni Kuivasto (ex-Ilves) and Daniel Sjölund (from Åland) already play for.

    This is at least what I’ve read. 😉

  2. Oops, confused Sweden for Skåne.

    Thanks for correcting.

  3. Yet another Finn heads over to Sweden.

    Though the Allsvenskan is a good league, I’m not sure, whether it’s that great to have so many national side players in a “summer league” in terms of match fitness.

  4. I’d be very interested in the ts and cs in the oulu guys contracts.

    What’s Kampmann earning these days?

  5. Banduliev wasn’t sacked from Oulu. He’s out for the rest of the season due to injury.

  6. Ok, you’re probably right. This piece of news I found is a bit misleading, simply saying that Banduliev got an injury and won’t remain with the team. But I guess that doesn’t entitle you to terminate his contract, not even if you’re Harri Kampmann.

  7. And as for Yacine Slatni, he was on try-out.

    So not sacked either, just told to go home. Whatever.

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