European draws

Tampere United have drawn Murata from San Marino in the first qualifying round of the Champions League. A mighty relief for them giving them near-certain progression to the second qualifying round where they will face Levski Sofia. Each round is worth 150,000euro, so it’s not like the club wanted to draw Dinamo Zagreb for the big occasion.

Full draw is here.

In the UEFA Cup, Haka will go to Sunny Rhyl, MyPa face the Faroese side EB/Streymur and HJK will play FC Etzella, from Luxembourg. I guess all three will be confident of pregression.


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  1. Hmmm. Looking at that draw I might have to take in Helsinborg v Trans Narva on my way over.

    Maybe even some Intertoto goodness on the way back.

    How come the coefficient is high enough to have 3 in the Uefa? Or is it Fair Play bollocks? Is there a Finnish entrant in said Intertoto?

  2. Honka is the Finnish entry for Intertoto.

  3. It happened ! Tampere United will play vs. Murata and I could be in San Marino to watch the second leg. The draw for the second round is not so good in my opinion. Especially if Levski Sofia is the same team I saw against Chievo one year ago.

  4. Romanista, I am sure there will be some Tampere representatives ready to meet you should you make it there. Email me if you do (link in my profile), I will tell them of their Italian fan.

  5. I’m sorry I can’t copy that page from the uefa website about the most famous Murata player. His name is Massimo Agostini, he’s 42 and he played for many serie A clubs including my As Roma.

  6. Bevan-fair play bollocks allowed in MyPa. I’d look at the swedish games too, Hammarby fans are always good value as are all the stockholm clubs in fact. Fixtures are at

    Romanista, thanks for the tip. I look forward to seeing a 42 year old playing football…

  7. Haka … bugger! It mus be the least attractive ground outside of Milton Keynes.


  8. Ha, Haka’s actually alright so long as the wind is blowing the other way and it doesn’t stink too badly. At least it’s a proper football ground, you’re not too far from the action. And it’s a ‘local club for local people’-everyone supports the local side.

    I’ll be going to the Rhyl game, hopefully see you there!

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