Match of the season so far

TamU 10 23
TPS 10 20
FC Haka 10 20
FC Honka 10 16
MyPa 11 16
HJK 11 15
FC Lahti 9 14
FF Jaro 10 12
FC KooTeePee 10 11
VPS 11 10
FC Inter 10 9
AC Oulu 11 9
FC Viikingit 9 8
IFK Mariehamn 10 8

Yesterday’s results:

FC Inter HJK 1 – 1
FC Haka AC Oulu 2 – 0
VPS FC KooTeePee 1 – 0


TPS-Tampere is going to be pretty big tonight. It’s the kind of match Tampere lost regularly last season, or at least failed to take advantage of, but were never really punished for. I don’t think they’ll be so lucky this time, as TPS are really hitting some form.

My west coast source tells me that Armand One is proving to be a formidable attacking threat, even if he ‘doesn’t need to be too mobile to do his job’. I’m presuming that means the sausage stands are kept at pitch level to motivate the hefty Frenchman.

Tampere are a strange team. They seem to lack a bit of killer instinct, team spirit, or just general motivation. Niemi is in the team and still has the vestiges of his link-up play from last season, but surely Daniel Nwoke has to get a chance soon. Niemi needs the competition.

Sakari Saarinen is a shadow of his former self, and looks much less fit than he was last season. Antti Pohja is playing well, but I just get the feeling that might not be enough this year. Tonight will be a good indicator of how the league will go, but I have a sneaking feeling that Mixu is going to push all the way this time. He has a team with (I’m told) very good spirit, he has enough money to make new acquisitions when necessary, and he and his team have the hunger that might just be missing from Tampere.


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