Not betting fair

Good win for Tamu tonight. Not much to say and I’ll say it when I can post the highlights too, but if they can play Myynti upfront and still win, I can’t see anything stopping them winning the title.

More interestingly, there has been a small controversy over the Honka-TVMK intertoto game. The first leg was played a week ago in Vantaa, and was by all accounts a hard fought 0-0 with the Estonians giving a good account of themselves. The return leg in Tallinn was an easy 4-2 win for Honka, leaving some of their players wondering if TVMK were really trying such was the lack of a contest.

Even more interestingly, it appears there was a huge amount laid on just such an outcome on the betting exchanges, specifically betfair. 1.5m EURO is a hell of a lot to bet on an intertoto game – they normally attract around 10,000-30,000 EURO.

Something smells fishy here.


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