A one horse race?

Tampere United 2 IFK Mariehamn 1



TamU 12 29
TPS 11 20
FC Haka 11 20
MyPa 12 19
FC Honka 10 16
HJK 12 16
FF Jaro 11 15
FC Lahti 11 14
FC Inter 11 12
FC KooTeePee 10 11
FC Viikingit 11 11
VPS 12 11
AC Oulu 11 9
IFK Mariehamn 11 8


TamU IFK Mariehamn 2 – 1
FC Viikingit FF Jaro 1 – 2
MyPa FC Lahti 1 – 0

Nwoke scores his first goal and Myynti came on upfront, an unexpected return for the big man. A big crowd at Ratina and MIFK’s customary TV audience saw Tampere get the winner with 15 minutes to go, and hopefully this will get the Tampere public excited about their team.

There was a smallish crowd for the eastern sort-of-derby in Myllykoski, where MyPa won 1-0. They play Tampere on Sunday and it already looks like they’ll be scrapping for the European places rather than making a title challenge.

Viikingit kept in touch with the bottom of the table by losing at home to Jaro, and the poor standard down there makes it look a good deal more exciting than the championship. 4 points seperate the bottom 6, so MIFK are still in with a shout. They looked solid and resilient, and have some pace going forward. I can’t see them staying in their current position. Hopefully that isn’t another FiF curse.


4 Responses

  1. TamU for Champions League!

    Greets from Darmstadt

  2. By crikey, it’s Jan!

    Looking very dapper in that photo as well. TamU are kicking Finnish arse but I think they will get spanked by Levski Sofia, unfortunately. Maybe next year, and a game against Stuttgart.

  3. Hoy Jan, it’s been a while! You should have seen me and Jussi meeting a group of ten German sailors last weekend, in the Turku market square and after four in the morning. I have a bad feeling that we may have possibly sung them a certain song, and even worse a feeling that they may not have totally appreciate it..

    So have a glass of Äpfelwein for us, will you?

  4. I do.

    Is TamU playing Levski Sofia? I thought they meet SS Murata from San Marino in Champions League Qualification round.

    Just read that they gave Aldair a contract (he’s 41 years old now).

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