Honka 2 TPS 0


It’s a funny thing about Finland, that crowds seem to go up when everyone’s on holiday. Yesterday there were 4,600 at the Honka game, a decent turnout for them. Maybe Finns believe football is a holiday sport, something only for times when the sun is really shining?

I went to TPV vs FC Hämeenlinna yesterday, where the attendance was 487. It was an entertaining game, enlivened by some random violence from the away team once they had a man sent off. Autio Panu had clearly decided that the TPV right back Jari Nikkilä was a weak link, and perpetrated some amusing but incredibly dirty off the ball hits on the poor lad. Nikkilä had a look of indignant moral outrage after every sly dig, and valiantly refused to get any retaliation in.

Nikkilä set up the second goal with a wonderful cross that was slammed home by TPV’s ‘African pearl’ Mohammed Koroma. That’s what the announcer calls him, which makes lily livered PC pansies like me rather uncomfortable. There’s nothing really wrong with it, it just shows that black people are still rare in Finland, and some older people find it worthy of comment.

He celebrated by taking off his boot and using it as a phone, for some reason.

Anyway, Koroma set up the final goal too, a good contribution in his 25 minutes giving him one of the many many medals dished out after ever single game in Finland. Mikko Makelä is an absolute giant, and terrified the Hämeenlinna defence, but he was very happy to get the last goal to make up for his penalty miss.

Ykkönen looks tight at present, with TPV moving up to 3rd but KuPs still in the driving seat. JJK and KuPs are setting the pace, and their game at the end of this month will hopefully be a cracker. The return match in Kuopio is on the last day of the season. I won’t be unhappy if both clubs get promotion, although the 2nd place team has to go through in a play-off with the 2nd bottom in Veikkausliiga.


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  1. He celebrated by taking off his boot and using it as a phone, for some reason.

    That’s what you do after a goal to get your name in the teletext: call YLE.

    About the political correctness then. I guess it would be a finnish thing to do: act as if everyone’s the same, but I’m not sure whether that’s the best policy. Obviously, if Koroma finds his nickname insulting, you shouldn’t use it, but we do have a long tradition of nicknames that are derived from people’s appearance, origins or other physical features.

    You don’t restrain yourself from calling Armand One fat either. We need nicknames. They create more depth for the audience and allow them to familiarize themselves more with the players. “There’s no racial bigotry here…”

  2. Of course we need nicknames, and of course there isn’t anything *really* wrong with it. Like I said in the text.

    But Finnish media and society regularly astound me with their racial non-awareness. That Somali programme on YLE, for instance – how in the name of holy fuck did crap like that get commissioned?

    Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with calling Koroma an African pearl, and like you say it’s a good nickname. It indicates a provincial outlook that I find endearing, really.

    There ain’t no comparison with calling people fat, though. A fat footballer is unproffessional and unable to do his job as well as a thin one (or One). Skin colour has no such effects.

  3. That Somali programme on YLE, for instance – how in the name of holy fuck did crap like that get commissioned?

    Eh, how do you mean? Is it the show they aired last summer, that you have in mind? It was made by immigrants, including a couple of Somalis, and the idea was to poke fun at ‘racial non-awareness’ and prejudices.

    It of course raised controversy. Especially before the first episode.

    Made me wonder which group is a bigger problem for good ethnic relations in Finland – those ethnic Finns who hysterically condemned it as racist before seeing it and without knowing who are behind it, or those who got it equally wrong and found it funny because they generally find jokes about minorities funny.

  4. I mean the one where somali men would opine in a tent in mogadishu about who was ‘Finland’s loveliest woman’.

    Don’t care who made it, it was horrible,stereotypical shite and should never have been commisioned.

  5. A fat footballer is unproffessional and unable to do his job as well as a thin one (or One).

    I have to disagree here. Maybe it’s just for the sake of an argument, maybe because of the gin consumed. Perhaps we’ll never know.

    You may argue that Armand, or Ville Lehtinen last year could’ve done a better job than Ville did or Armand is doing, had they been more fit. I argue that it isn’t the same thing for the audience. Now, this might make me sound a bit perverted, but there is always something very attractive seeing a fat man scoring. Ville Lehtinen would’ve been less of a footballer for me if he’d been thin and acted as expected. As well as nicknames we need characters, big and small.

    Racial awareness? No we don’t have that. I think that the need for racial awareness stems from troubles caused by racial bigotry. Political correctness is a way to steer away from the problems if they occur, not really a way to deal with them. The proper way then? Eh? You tell me.

  6. Come on. Lehtinen was shit. He played like an old man on his last contract, raking it in and not even training with his team mates (he lived in Helsinki). Even so, he did alright ‘for a big man’-the question is how much better he would have been if was able to run faster than his granny.

    Having put large amounts of my money into footballers pockets over the years, and seen many of them take the piss, I think that kind of behaviour is fucking disgraceful.

    Obviously it’s funny if you’re not too bothered about the club concerned, and singing ‘you fat bastard’ is one of the joys of attending football, but the point is that footballers should not be fat. It’s not cricket, you cannot be one of the best players in the world while carrying 20 kilos extra. So fat footballers are unprofessional.

  7. As are footballers who drink, smoke, do drugs, or shag their team mates’ women.

  8. Indeed, but those things are less easy to tell than if your new centre forward has man breasts and a beer belly.

  9. Man breasts are the new woman breasts.

    Tesoma’s rock gods are going to throw a gig on the bridge tonight, by the way. As a boy of the west side, consider yourself informed.

    Otetaan taksi vaikka Hervantaan, kyllä Tammelasta aina Herban saa.


  10. I want to see them play Länsitori. Tesoma=classiest part of Finland.

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