Ilta Sanomat’s Veikkaaja

I bought Ilta Sanomat today, purely to get hold of their sports supplement Veikkaaja. Why I have to buy a paper, and then pay extra for 28 pages of sports features, I do not know. I’m sure Aapo will point to the lack of competition in the Finnish media market and the secure position of most titles, but there are only 5 million Finnish speakers so the market isn’t that big anyway.

There are two bits that leapt out at me, the first being Mikael Forsell’s girlfriend. She’s apparently spent 9,650 euros on plastic surgery, yet IS’s photographer has still managed to make her face look surprisingly masculine. Stitched her up good and proper.

The second bit was Pasi Rautiainen apparently being chased by HJK. Keith Armstrong has had a bad season so far, and the HJK top brass will probably get rid of him at the end of the season, which is also the end of his contract.

Rautiainen has a chance of being offered the Estonian national team job, and if he said yes he wouldn’t even change employers, FC Flora and the Estonian Football Association having strong links. I suppose it depends how much he likes Tallinn and how much HJk offer, but a complicating factor could be Antti Muurinen’s contract, which i think also runs out this year. he might be a target for HJK too.

In other news, Hermanni ‘the German’ Vuorinen has come back from Norway and will play for HJK at Haka on Monday. That game’s on telly, 7pm Urheilukanava.

One more thing-I didn’t realise that Berat Sadik was 1) Finnish, and 2) only 21 years old. He’s a decent player and I don’t expect he’ll stay too long in Finland. His partnership with Rafael was impressive at Haka earlier this season, and he is big enough and skillful enough to give problems to most defences. Veikkaaja hinted at attitude problems earlier in his career, but (I think) said these had been sorted now.

He’s only scored 3 goals but has 4 assists this year, and his all round play was what impressed me. Maybe he’ll get a chance with the national team when Litmanen finally packs it in?


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