Boletus mushrooms

This guy is the 16 year old at Jippo who is causing a bit of a stir. I’ve noticed a few people arriving here by googling his name, so I’m passing on a good article I found about his father, for a little local colour. Some of the best stories about Finland are the ones explaining how foreigners end up in places like Joensuu.

Boletus mushrooms led to a handy Jippo midfielder.

Thanks to William Moore for the article.

Jippo play RoPs today at 18:30. You can read a preview of the game at RoPs right back Jon Burklo’s blog, a new and welcome addition to the Finnish football blogosphere. he covers RoPs and the US national teams, and his views on the Copa America are worth a look.


2 Responses

  1. the mushroom king was not only a coach to his sons junior side, but also a very generous financial backer, I remember hearing that the kids had a budget that was better then what the local 2nd division sides could scrape together..

  2. I had no clue that “our” porcini were coming from Finland.

    Being a big fan of them, I have no doubt eaten Sig. Della Valle’s products here in Milan.

    And with that name, there is only one Italian club the kid can play for. Forza Fiorentina (owned by the somewhat better known Della Valles who own Tod’s, Hogan and Fay).

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