This is Finnish football, someone always messes things up

And this time it was Haka. They went down 3-1 in Sunny Rhyl after going ahead through Tony Lehtinen. So much for my predictions about the semi pros tiring towards the end. FiF’s Welsh correspondent succinctly assessed the game like this: ‘Rhyl thoroughly deserve this … they have been the better team by far. Lots of play acting as well from the gangly shit-stirring South African’.

Cheyne Fowler isn’t too popular in Denbighshire, then. Varno Matila was sent off in the 89th minute and Haka generally played like shit. As I said before, it’s a shame nobody televised this game, but I suppose everyone’s on holiday right now. Maybe this is one reason Finnish football doesn’t have a higher profile? If the crunch games are played when media people are in their cottages, not many people are going to hear about them.

Anyway, I digress. The return leg is going to be a cracker and I’m glad I’m going. You should too. I can’t find any highlights anywhere, so if anybody finds some please post the link in a comment.

Hermanni Vuorinen managed to deck a Luxembourger and only get booked, Dawda Bah scored one of the slowest, loopiest headers I’ve ever seen, and HJK won 2-0. MyPa won 1-0 at home against Streymur and might find it hard if there’s a storm in the faroes for the return leg.

I missed one Veikkausliiga game from the last round up, apologies to all the Inter and Jaro fans out there. Looked like a good game from the highlights.


4 Responses

  1. What the hell’s going on with the fonts here? Jesus blogger’s annoying sometimes. Anyone know an easy way to switch the whole thing over to wordpress?

  2. Egan, I’m glad Rhyl messed it up for the Fins, but a 1-0 victory against a team from the Faeroes making their European debut is hardly a great result for My Pa is it?

  3. Hi Egan, i’ve got clips of Rhyl’s goals from the Welsh news here if interested :

    I was at the game, and Haka were awful and Rhyl were great. Will be an interesting 2nd leg though in my opinion.

  4. Can you post your missing bits as a comment here?

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