PP-70 0 KPV 1

Big relegation six pointer, this one. KPV seem to have a bit of a hangover from last season’s epic cup run, and despite being neat and tidy and occasionally incisive, they find themselves down the bottom of the table. Just like RoPs they have a gaggle of African players, although in Kokkola they prefer Gambians to Zambians. They recently loaned Dawda Bah to HJK, and are left with the wonderfully names Demba Savage up front and Abdoulie Corr at the back.

Both are impressive. Savage with his pace, skill and awareness; and Corr for his good distribution and organisational skills. He’s a little bit small though, and in the second half PP70 came into the game a bit more using their, erm, physical presence. PP’s forwards are a bit on the hefty side.

Joining PP for the first time was Daniel Nwoke, who has found it tough to break into the TamU side since he signed in May. He didn’t look great in Ykkönen either, but I suppose it’s a long time since he’s played regular games. Jonne Hjelm also played, in midfield this time. He’s a little bit lightweight for that job, but he fought gamely and I’m sure it’ll be good for his development.

A word for the officials at this point. The number of offside decisions was quite ridiculous, given the brilliant passing KPV displayed in the first half. I’ve seen some awful decisions in my time, but I’m not exaggerating when I say that maybe 30% of the offsides were actually correct. It seemed like the guy just didn’t want to run, so he’d stop, yawn a bit, then raise his flag wherever he happened to be at that point. Very frustrating.

KPV did well to win, with Savage robbing the defender and crossing for the diminutive Petteri Forsell to slam the ball home. There was still time for drama, with Corr performing a miraculous goal-line clearance in the final minutes. A deserved win for the many KPV fans at Tammela today – it’s a long way to Kokkola. Good to see so many players from other clubs at the game, and I reckon the happiest was Henri Myynti who used to play for KPV. He was sitting with the KPV fans rather than the TamU players and their wags, and he celebrated good and proper when the winner went in.

I think Aapo will post something about his beloved JJK, the new leaders of Ykkonen. He went to the game today and I think he may have enjoyed it.

Veikkausliiga results:

FC Viikingit IFK Mariehamn 2 – 2
FC Inter FC Lahti 0 – 1
FC KooTeePee FF Jaro 2 – 1

And highlights. (this is the link for HJK-MyPa, but the other games will appear in the sidebar at some point tonight or tomorrow)

Congratulations to Juho Mäkela, the first Finn to score against Barcelona, and to Iraq, whose supporters were out in (relative) force in Tampere this evening.


3 Responses

  1. It’s fairly common in Finland that players from other clubs go to see other teams playing. This might be because the circles are so small and it seems that everybody has played with everybody at some stage of their footballing careers.

  2. Yep, I think you’re right. Tomi Petrescu’s brother was on the bench for PP70, although he didn’t get on the pitch.

  3. I live in Gambian and an uncle to Demba Savage of KPV,is there a possibility of accessing his perfomance after his games?Is there a site that I could also see his club photos….Thanks.

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