Levski Sofia 0 Tampere United 1

YLE’s report, highlights and stuff

A typical Tampere United performance. As Tim Rowe put it, in between joyous yelps and distributing spare cash to Bulgarian beggars, ‘we came here to play counter attacking football, and that’s what we did – one chance, one goal, thank you very much’.

The game was tight, and Tampere kept the ball very well indeed. They have a knack of finding the right player at the right time, and the new boys fitted into the system very well. Pohja and Petrescu looked good linking up, Niemi did his job, and the defenders were all absolutely immense. Petrescu had a tough time up against Wagner, but he still managed to set up the goal.

Levski didn’t offer much, and weren’t too bothered about defending their manager’s job. Stanimir Stoilov had done a passable impression of Brian Glover in the training session at Ratina, leathering free kicks at the hapless keeper. They were hit so hard they either went into the stand or right into the top corner with no hope of a save. When he scored, he gave a fist pumping celebration that left no doubt as to whether this was ‘just’ training or not.

Anyway, his methods didn’t work, and Zico Hjelm won the duel. Barring a massive upset from the Kazakhstanis in Trondheim tomorrow night, TamU will face Rosenborg with the home leg next wednesday. The home leg will be next Wednesday if they play the kazakhs too, obviously.

I wonder if Veikkausliiga will make them play the TPS game on Saturday? Another VPS fixture is not what they’ll be wanting, and I expect TamU will ask for a postponement.

Here are some pictures from Aamulehti:


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  1. Interestingly, in headlines Ari Hjelm has quite emphatically thanked the Finnish embassy to Bulgaria for all their assistance. It seems that our local corps diplomatique were actively briefing Tampere United on what was happening inside Levski and what kind of comments they were giving to the press.

    An excellent example of how foreign missions in stable regions can reinvent themselves, in times when their traditional tasks and duties are losing importance.

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