This European run is having all sorts of unexpected effects. First, best and most surprising is that people are actually going to football matches now. The TamU-Rosenburg game is now sold out, 17,000 tickets having been purchased in a little over three days. That might not sound like much to foreigners, but in Finnish football it’s an earthquake. TamU have had league crowds of 2,400 this season, and they only got 8,000 for the Levski game. To sell out four days in advance is quite an achievement.

TamU have succeeded in getting a host of games postponed in support of their European ambitions. So while Rosenburg are exhausting themselves in a top of the table clash away at Brann Bergen, the boys in blue and green will be sitting at home with a mug of cocoa and getting up early tomorrow to learn Ari Hjelm’s masterplan for beating ageing Norwegians.

The postponements have come at a cost, though. Toto are playing Ratina stadium next Saturday, and TamU want to play their re-arranged game against TPS on Sunday the 19th. this will mean clearing away the stage and all the crap they leave behind in record time, and the stadium management are reluctant to take the booking for fear of not being able to get it done. Rumours have been flying around that Tammela could host the game, but apparently more tickets have been sold than Tammela can hold, which puts the khibosh on that one. Even as a Tammela fan, I’d be reluctant to play the TPS game there – it will draw a big crowd anyway, and all the attendant publicity could push it up even further. TPS are supposedly bringing 200 fans, which is nearly half as many as TamU took to HJK last season and therefore a pretty good following. If any Veikkausliiga game can make Ratina look good, this is it.

Anyway, this does show how vital it is for Tampere to have a football specific stadium, at Tammela or wherever. I’m gradually coming round to the idea of selling off Tammela for flats and building a new 20,000 capacity ground somewhere on the outskirts of the city. Hervanta would be a prime candidate, and it does have the Golden Monkey.

Anyway, there have been a lot of postponements and haka are now top of the league. As i was saying before, I think they have a decent chance this year given the potential distractions for TamU. The Pirkanmaa derby on the 20th of September is going to be a massive game, if I’m allowed to slip into footballerspeak for a second.

MyPa and Makela have parted company ahead of the Blackburn UEFA Cup tie. It’s a shame, but I suppose now’s the time to make changes with the transfer window still open and enough of the season left for the new man to make an impact. Hopefully the players will be galvanised and stick it to the Lancastrians. I’m not a friend of Blackburn.

There is more, I’m sure, but that’s all I can think of right now. It’s hot and I want to go swimming. finally, if there’s anybody who 1) has my phone number and 2) hasn’t yet texted me the Sheffield Wednesday score, it’s alright! I already know it.


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  1. holy shit, sold out?? any chance supporters tickets will still be available at the bar before the game? i’d be kicking myself hard if i missed this game…

  2. Sinikaarti will be enacting a strict ticketing policy for this game. They want to ensure hardcore Tampere fans get sorted out first. No guarantees, to say the least.

  3. There will be a few hundred more tickets available on monday morning, as the oily norwegians will bring only 400 fans (850 tickets were set aside for them).

  4. hi i.k.

    sorry for what’s probably a stupid question, but where does one go to get these tickets? the other TamU game i was at i just bought my ticket at the gate; where would i go for this?

  5. There is a lippupalvelu counter at stockmann, on the second floor. They should be able to help you if you get there early. is another option, but it’s all in Finnish. I.K will be better able to advise you though.

  6. Pedantry alert, but it is Rosenborg, not Rosenburg.

    They might actually care (though are likely too polite to mention it).

    Go TamU, btw.

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