He’s a right Knut

Apologies for the tabloid headline. Feel free to go to MTV3 Jalkapallo, click on ‘mtv3 anytime netti tv’ and watch the Tamu clips. They’re in Finnish, but you’ll get the smugness of the Rosenborg coach. The Norwegians looked a bit too pleased with themselves, andthe coach gave some astonishing answers in the press conference. Somebody asked if he would be happy with the UEFA Cup, and he said yes! Unbelievable. I get a strong feeling that Rosenborg are not taking this game seriously, and as a result they will get ‘bitten on the bum’ as Paul Sturrock says. Here’s hoping.

I was seriously unimpressed with the Rosenborg people. Firstly there were about a thousand of them, including fans and everyone, so the press conference had a very matey tone. Fine for the boys in Trondheim, but it looked like they were taking the match pretty lightly. Not sure if they are, but Mikko Koppinen was the sacrificial lamb offered to the Finnish press and he said nothing interesting. The Finnish journalists asked him questions in English, and he answered in the same language. it was weird.

There isn’t much more to add about the press conference. Both KT and MK feel they’ve had a hard season and things will pick up, and they both think that the important thing about European competition is to get into the UEFA Cup so as to attract more players to Trondheim. Seems a bit flippant for a CL qualifying tie, but what do i know? I’m pretty confident tamU will go through though.


3 Responses

  1. Monsieur Hjelm’s cooking lessons continue and tonight smoked cod is on the menu.

  2. Here in Roma on my summer holidays waiting with pc screen already on for the great game ! FORZA TAMPERE !

  3. Vaffanculo Tampere…

    Well, you get quite used to these kind of surprises when following our national team.

    Just like our women. Make you travel to the world’s end, beyond the Golden Monkey, prompting your expectations and whetting your appetite. Then they pass out.

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