He’s alright, Knut

As Aapo pointed out, this kind of disappointment is a regular occurrence for Finnish football fans. the national team has glorious failure down to a fine art, and the clubs usually manage to mess things up. Still, I had convinced myself that Tampere could do it.

Unfortunately their defenders were not quite up to the task. Kujala was marking Koné, and he just wasn’t big enough or strong enough. He struggles manfully to do his job as a defender, but sometimes he just isn’t up to it. Saarinen was sloppy, giving the ball away too often. Savolainen and Wiss were dominated by Riseth.

MTV3 have a good report (press video, then in the window that opens ‘15.08.07’)in which you can see the full horror of Sakari Saarinen ‘defending’ his man at a corner. I know he’s popular with TamU fans, but this guy is just not worth a shirt at the moment. Too many mistakes, too much posession lost. He’s not up to it and they need to get a replacement in – he’s fucked up at Haka to give them a way back into the title race and basically gifted Rosenborg the tie with the first goal. Those are two massive, massive errors.

The video after the TamU one is an interesting piece with Hodgson appealing for the help of the media, apparently to sell tickets. Lets have a Belgium performance rather than a Serbia one and we’ll see what we can do, heh Roy? Give the team some confidence and tell them to go out and play, and for fuck’s sake don’t put Heikkinen in midfield again.

Off to Haka tonight, and it’s doubtful I’ll be able to post much before Monday really. One third of FiF is emigrating to London (I will definitely be moaning about these eastern immigrants invading my country in future), and plans to say goodbye to Tampere this weekend. If Tampere survives, I’ll do a round up on Monday, and maybe some links to sports news tomorrow for the UEFA games.


4 Responses

  1. Nothing much to say about the game, horrible man marking in front of the goal.

    P.s. what’s up with these sports anchors who break bad news with a broad smile? If you don’t know what I mean, check out the mtv3 clip. What a wanker!

  2. Absolutely agree with your comments regarding Sakke Saarinen.

    And it hurts to admit that.

  3. “P.s. what’s up with these sports anchors who break bad news with a broad smile? If you don’t know what I mean, check out the mtv3 clip. What a wanker!”

    mtv3 doesn’t have sports anchors, their sports news “tulosruutu” is just an advertisement spot for their formula 1 programs..

  4. It ain’t over yet. TamU is going to win in Trondheim.

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