Suomen Palloliitto sends it’s humblest apologies to Nursurltan Nazarbayev

It gets a bit boring when you’re the authoritarian president of a Central Asian republic. Shopping trips to London, discussions with oil companies, long holidays in the Cayman Islands (sometimes the last two overlap). Same old, same old.

Having scraped home in the 2005 Presidential election with 91.15% of the vote, Nursultan started looking for a legacy. What better place to look than at the Kazakh national anthem? And so he changed it, bringing in the new version in 2006. The lyrics:


Golden sun in heaven,
Golden corn in steppe,
Legend of courage –
It is my land.
In hoary antiquity
Our glory was born,
Proud and strong
Is my Kazakh people

My country, my country,
As your flower I’ll grow,
As your song I’ll stream, country!
My native land – Kazakhstan!

I’ve a boundless expanse
And a way, opened in future.
I have an independent,
United people.
Like an ancient friend
Our happy land,
Our happy people
Is welcoming new time.


I can’t find the old version, but rest assured I am looking. Pekka Hämälainen has sent his humblest apologies, and we can only hope they are accepted.

The game was a bit rubbish, but at least they won. Tainio and Heikkinen played quite well, Alexei Eremenko was very good but he always thinks he’s playing with someone way quicker that Jonatan Johansson and as a result his flicks often come to nothing. He took his goal well though, and he took a knock which saw him limp out of the ground afterwards. I’m hoping somebody got picture of the fetching gold and pink trimmed ‘manbag’ he had casually slung over his shoulder, as it would surely do wonders for his troubled reputation in Finland. Alexei Eremenko-metrosexual. It’s only a matter of time.

Hodgson was full of praise for him after the game, saying that he’d never had any problems while they were working together for Finland games. This is obviously a reference to the nightclub fracas (what’s the plural of fracas?) he has been involved in, and the interview he gave to a Russian paper straight afterwards saying that he didn’t really ‘feel Finnish’. A bit silly, and I’n sure he didn’t mean it. His dad was sitting a few seats along, and he must have been very proud to see his two sons line up for Finland. Word is that the youngest, Sergei, is by far the best of the three. We’ll have to wait to find out though, as he’s only 8.

Roman wasn’t that good. His season hasn’t started yet and he’s unsure where he’ll be playing, this year, so he’s not as relaxed as he could be. Udinese have kept him there for their preparations but he could still be shunted out on loan, as he was last year in Siena. He looked tense and will benefit from having his future settled. Hopefully he’ll be better in September.

Sjölund came on at halftime and provided a better link between midfield and Eremenko. He’s having a great year at Djurgården and the Kazakhs couldn’t deal with him. The goal came from some awful defending at a corner, and the Kazakh keeper was so distraught he apparently had a little cry after the goal. The referee went up and asked if he was alright, he was, and the game continued.

I can’t find highlights anyhwere (even UEFA don’t have them up yet), so you’ll have to make do with the youtube link at the top. It’s great.


2 Responses

  1. Shitty match but atleast Finland delivered while Portugal and Serbia messed up. However we need to improve A LOT to get something from Belgrade come next month.

    MOM: Teemu Tainio. A half fit “Teme” put up one hell of a work shift.

    P.s. Kudos for Eremenko on his excellent goal.. BUT for the love of god Alexei, put a limit on those *#%&##! back heel tricks! Also, once in a while you could actually chase a fifty/fifty ball.

  2. Funny I could swear there was numerous references to Potassium in their national anthem, don’t know where I could have gotten that from…

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