Trouble shooting in Turku

Guess it’s time for me to open my mouth now, before the karaoke kicks in. Singing skills didn’t get my name on the editorial board here. To be honest, I don’t know what did, either.

It’s the second time this season that TamU come to Turku, the only city in Finland besides Helsinki that has two Veikkausliiga clubs. TPS-TamU was definitely one the biggest games this season, although TPS’s recent slump has left Mixu’s boys a bit behind in the title race. This time it’s a bit different.

Inter just got their first defeat in five games in the derby against TPS. They pretty much dominated the game in the first half and Patrick Bantamoi denied two penalties, only after he’d let the winning goal slip through. It’s striking that even though it’s Stefan Håkans’s club, Inter doesn’t seem to know how to capitalize their chances. I bet Armand One scores more on a night out in Onnela than Inter’s done this season in Veritas.

Even though ex-Inter Mathias Lindtröm is missing from the line-up it’s hard to see how Inter could be getting past TamU’s defense that is far more organized than TPS’s. Inter has a record of beating TamU though. They’ve already done it twice, in 2000 and straight after that in 2005. The rest of the 18 encounters are less mentionable. TamU on the other hand have a chance of stretching their lead in the table this round while Honka has a plastic visit to HJK and Haka fights off the liberated VPS in Vaasa.

So it’s a trouble shooting monday in Turku. TamU has a chance to shoot off some of the troubles in holding their position on top of the table, Martin Mutumba probably has some trouble again deciding whether he should shoot or just try and dribble the ball into the net instead. The editorial board then is more likely shouting for trouble in the karaoke.


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