TamU win in Jakobstad

2-0 win

I really love the crowd shots on these highlight films. The first one is of a group of docile Jaro fans, apparently oblivious to the game unfolding inf front of them. The second shows 4 TamU fans who made the trip. I know there were more TamU fans there, but still – getting anyone to travel four hours on a Monday afternoon for a 6:30 kickoff is pretty hard in Finland.

TamU 18 40
FC Haka 17 34
FC Honka 19 32
TPS 18 29
FC Lahti 18 25
FC Inter 20 24
FC KooTeePee 20 24
HJK 18 23
VPS 20 23
MyPa 18 22
IFK Mariehamn 18 20
FF Jaro 19 19
FC Viikingit 17 17
AC Oulu 18 17

TamU open up a 6 point gap, and have the chance to extend it to 9 on Thursday when they travel to Vuosaari. Viikingit will then travel to haka on Sunday, giving them their chance to influence the title race.

We’ll see how TamU’s internationals cope. Kaven and Niemi travelled back from Belgrade yesterday, and Petrescu played a full match on Saturday. Wiss may be involved in the Poland game and it looks possible that Viikingit will scent an opportunity while TamU are tired.

If Zico can conjure 3 points there, he’s a magician.


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