Tinky winking

The game tonight is sold out, with 5,000 tickets going on Monday. Matti Vanhanen obviously sent his secretary down to Stockmann to queue up, because he has invited the Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski to the game.

If any country does not deserve the politicians it has elected, it is Poland. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Polish person I didn’t like, and I have been to Poland and met lots of Polish expats. How the prime minister and president can be xenophobic, homphobic, idiotic tub-thumping nobheads is beyond me, but then I come from a country that elected Tony Blair several times so perhaps it shouldn’t be such a mystery.

Here is an article about just why the twins are so ridiculous. I don’t like them, and am surprised that Vanhanen is going to sit with Jaroslaw, although I suppose Prime Ministers pretty much invite themselves to things like this. After Olli Rehn and Boris Tadic were at the Serbia game, I don’t think Matti and Jaroslaw can match up in terms of star quality. Jaroslaw once said “All I know about Germany is the toilets at Frankfurt Airport, and that is enough anyway”, quite an astonishingly dumb thing for a Polish president to admit. And Matti is Matti, the sexiest man in Finland.

I’m expecting the game to be awful. Beenhakker has a reputation for pragmatism, and Hodgson was speculating yesterday that Poland might calculate that a point from this game is enough if they think they can win 2 of their last 3. With home games against Kazakhstan and Belgium, that’s certainly a possibility.

My prediction is that Finland will win 2-1, the winner coming from Eremenko. And that Bubi the owl will return…


2 Responses

  1. What a pity! At least you were right about the awful match. Have you already booked your tickets to Portugal for the last match day?

  2. Heh, I wish.

    If it’s crucial I’ll try and get there, but that’s a big if…

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