KTP 2 Lahti 2

KTP played well tonight, but I can’t help but think they would have won if they hadn’t got in ringers from the local golf club. This is the keeper, Janne Henriksson.

It was a good match, and interesting to see Teemu Pukki play. He’s 17 and already attracting speculation that he might go to Sevilla, but I don’t realy think that’d be a wise move. He should try and become a top player in Veikkausliiga first, at least for a season. He showed why people are interested in the build up for the second goal, his cross was sublime. Good finish by Inutile, too. Highlights are here.

I went to Haka-Viikingit yesterday, and I have to say Viikingit are not easy on the eye. They are physical and play long balls almost constantly, but they are very very good at it. Good suport from their fans yesterday, who surely have one of the best names in the country to play with. By the way, Haka always play ‘I will survive’ by Gloria Gaynor after their games, for some reason-it’s very strange.


TamU 19 41
FC Haka 19 37
FC Honka 19 32
TPS 20 32
FC Lahti 19 26
FC KooTeePee 21 25
FC Inter 20 24
HJK 19 24
IFK Mariehamn 19 23
MyPa 19 23
VPS 20 23
FF Jaro 20 22
FC Viikingit 19 18
AC Oulu 19 17

3 Responses

  1. “..Haka always play ‘I will survive’ by Gloria Gaynor”

    Kaiserslautern and a bunch of other German clubs used to play that same ditty after scoring.

  2. good lord what is he wearing? what an abomination

  3. Kaiserslautern are a despicable club full of bounders and scoundrels. I would hope Haka could find better examples than that. Sheffield Wednesday have started playing ‘Heaven knows I’m miserable now’ after their home games this season (true story), and who knows what delights await wednesdayites when (if?) we get a point.

    The kit is absolutely horrendous, made even more disgraceful by the absence of sponsors logos. Most Finnish players look like they’re wearing a patchwork quilt, and yet when a club gets the chance to cast aside the commercial imperative of sponsoring their players buttocks, kidneys, shoulders, chest, abdomen and testicles, they produce THAT. Poor show KTP, poor show indeed.

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