Ykkonen Wrap!

Well things went as they normally do in the Ykkonen this past weekend…unpredictable. If I’m a betting man I would pretty much stay away from betting on this division as it seems that any team can beat any team on any given day with few exceptions. We’ll start with the top of the table. RoPS continued their unbeaten run, however, dropped 2 points to TPV with a 0-0 draw. Those lost points won’t hurt near as much as losing leading scorer Nchimunya Mweetwa for the next 2 games. The goalscorer was sent off with 2 yellow cards in less then 10 minutes towards the end of the game and will now serve a 2 game suspension.

KuPS meanwhile kept up the pressure on RoPS with a 1-0 win at PP-70 thanks to a Jani Hartikainen’s late game heroics. KuPS has now cut the deficit between themselves and RoPS to 6 points. Both, RoPS and KuPS, still have matches to play against 3rd placed JJK and RoPS will end the season with 3 away games so there is still everything to play for at the top. JJK meanwhile lost pace with the leaders as they dropped a 0-1 decision to Jekyll and Hide side TP-47.

At the bottom of the table, things were shaken up slightly. Jippo managed to claw themselves out of relegation for the time being with a 3-1 victory over PK-35. A full match report can be read at my personal blog. Jippo are tied with GBK, who lost 0-1 to Atlantis, but lead do to a better goal differential.

In other results, Klubi-04 remained rooted to the foot of the table after a Saturday loss to VIFK, and FC Hämeenlinna and KPV tied 1-1. Here’s the table:

RoPS 21 47
KuPS 21 41
JJK 21 36
TP-47 21 35
PK-35 21 28
FC Hämeenlinna 21 28
Atlantis 21 27
TPV 21 27
VIFK 21 26
KPV 21 25
JIPPO 21 22
GBK 21 22
PP-70 21 21
Klubi-04 21 9

With 5 games to play, the only team who’s destiny is set is Klubi 04 who will play next season in the Kakkonen. At the top of the table though, I would not put my money against RoPS giving away the title. There’s simply too much talent there. KuPS should finish second and fight for promotion to the Veikkausliiga via play-off. At the bottom, things will definitely get interesting. I’m biased, but I’m going to say that Jippo will stay away from relegation and that the 3 teams currently at the foot of the table will stay there. But with it so close, and with the teams at the bottom still having matches against one another it remains to be seen who will avoid the drop.


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  1. Welcome to Football in Finland, Jon!

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