Laurent Blanc cannot name any Tampere United players

He’s left 2 players behind to rest and recuperate too, just like Levski Sofia did. The Frenchmen arrived very late on Tuesday night, three hours later than planned, and most of them looked pretty tired today. The journalists explained that Blanc is under a bit of pressure and doesn’t really like talking to the press, and by crikey it showed. He tended to rock back and forth while speaking very quietly, shoulders hunched and hands between his knees. I wouldn’t like to say he was overconfident, but it was clear he knew nothing about TamU. ‘They are….one of the best teams in Finland’, he said when asked to give his view of United.

All of which is great news for TamU. Bordeaux have a game on Saturday and one on Wednesday, and I got the impression that this one isn’t the priority. Blanc has a reputation (at least from what I’ve seen in the English press) of a romantic coach, sending his teams out to entertain and ‘express themselves’. I hope they are as naive as that sounds, but the guys who watch them every week don’t think so. The journos from Bordeaux said that they can defend and counter attack as well, but from the prior knowledge Blanc displayed I don’t think that is the plan.

All of which is good for TamU, obviously. They’ll need to be at their best to take advantage and could really have done without Savolainen’s suspension, but with a bit of Levski-style luck they might just avoid the defeat everyone is expecting.


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