Alisher Usmanov vs Boris Johnson

You may remember I posted something about Alisher Usmanov a while back. Well, it was removed from the web under heavy pressure from Schillings, Usmanov’s lawyers. It detailed key facts about Usmanov, who is buying big tranches of Arsenal shares.

You can read Craig Murray’s piece here, anyway. His excellent site has been removed by his ISP, who buckled under the threats from Schillings which have been highly effective in shaping coverage of Usmanov. Also caught up in this somehow was floppy haired bumbling idiot Tory Boris Johnson, whose website has also been taken down. I will be going out to buy Murder in Samarkand in support of Craig Murray, and affecting posh stupidity for a couple of hours in support of Boris Johnson. I suggest you do something similar.

I will write something about TamU soon, but I’m still a little shellshocked to be honest.


2 Responses

  1. This was also covered in

    Probably somewhere else too.

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