Tampere United 2 Bordeaux 3

What a horrible game. The build up was full of little hints that the French team weren’t going to take it seriously, that they had bigger fish to fry, that they thought their reserves would be enough. And when I realised that their away kit was almost exactly the same as Levski Sofia’s, I started to smile a little bit.

Maybe I shouldn’t have bigged up Henri Mynnti and mocked Cavenaghi when a Bordeaux website asked some questions. It was probably always going to come back to haunt me.

But I think there are more appropriate scapegoats. First and foremost, the referee Ceri Richards. he went for every single dive from a Bordeaux player, frequently booking the TamU man who was ‘responsible’ for the foul. It only took an outraged French face to get him reaching for his yellow card on most occasions, but an incident near the end revealed his cowardice. All the other free kicks were well away from the danger zone and relatively easy to award, but when Kaven poleaxed Cavenaghi in the penalty area he bottled the decision and waved play on.

The last minute mayhem can probably be put down to Henri Mynnti allowing the ball(delivered from another of Ceri’s imaginary freekicks, I think) to bounce over his head in the area, allowing Cavenaghi to collect it and cross for Micoud to score. The winner was similarly poor defending, only Cavenaghi finished himself this time. The highlights will be on UEFA’s website sometime, watch for yourself.

Positives from the game are:

Petrescu’s goal. An absolute screamer, I’m reliably informed (I missed it).

Pohja’s performance. He was everywhere, and his energy ensured TamU didn’t miss the suspended Savolainen too badly.

Sinikaarti: Finally they managed to sing in English, and I’m sure Mr Richards will reflect on his self abuse.


Daniel. He lacks fitness, missed a wonderful chance in the first couple of minutes and generally looked a bit sluggish. TamU really missed Niemi, and if Daniel is to play a role he needs to get a lot fitter.

TamU’s ticketing policy. I hope somebody is currently having a very serious think about why the Bordeaux game only managed to attract 100 more fans than the SS Murata match. They need to get it through their heads: this is not a football country, and people will not pay silly money to sit out in the cold and watch a team they expect to lose. If you fill the ground you get better support, more revenue from merchandise and makkara, and maybe even a few extra fans. There is no point in wasting the opportunity of a game like last night’s by price gouging.

MyPa won 3-0 at Jaro, leaving the Jakobstadians in trouble-only 4 points clear of Viikingit, who have a game in hand. Highlights are here.


3 Responses

  1. I’m not quite sure wether it’s a typo or clever wordplay, but it’s Myntti! (myynti = sale, selling).

    Anyway can’t blame the ref for everything, but how is it possible that they find this poor pub league refs in these kind of games..

  2. Clever word play? You know me better than that, surely. It’s a one man campaign to eliminate double vowels before I start speaking Finnish.

    Mr Richards is the last Welsh official in the English Football league, the rest of them now working in the Welsh League. He ran the line in last year’s Cup Final, but really. He was awful.

  3. About Daniel, I don’t want to make false accusations or anything but the thought that came through my mind early in the second (after Egan pointed his poor play to me. I must admit) and whose case solidified itself to a full blown conspiracy theory by the end whistle is that if the man had been paid to play poorly and “drop the ball” in this one, he would not have played any different that he did on Thursday.

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