Ykkonen Wrap

Sorry this is late everyone. You’ll have to excuse me as I’ve had nothing to do except for training the last few days and for some reason I’ve been lazy. But better late then never, so here goes…

I’ll start at the bottom of the table where a few teams earned some much needed points. Probably the match with the most importance took place in Joensuu as relegation battlers JIPPO and PP-70 squared off. Just a single point seperated the two as the Tampere side rolled into Joensuu. JIPPO came out winners 2-1 thansk to a tying goal by yours truly, reminiscient of Petrescu’s goal against Lahti. You can read a full report here and highlights are available here (check out the miss in the beginning of the game!!)

Other winners at the bottom of the table were KPV (1-0 over TPV thanks to fellow American Lawrence Smith) and VIFK (1-0 winners over TP-47). GBK meanwhile picked up a point at home to RoPS with a 0-0 draw. It’s the second draw in a row for RoPS and it has closed the gap at the top to just 4 points. The draw also keeps GBK’s hopes of avoiding relegation alive although they still trail JIPPO by two points.

At the top of the table, KuPS inched closer to league leaders RoPS with a 1-0 winner over Atlantis FC while JJK slipped up again to FC Hämeenlinna. JJK’s chances of sliding into a promotion spot are all but gone, however, they can still play a vital role in determining the Ykkonen champion as they still have both KuPS and RoPS to play.

The final game of the round was a 1-1 draw between PK-35 and Klubi 04.

So here’s how the table looks…

RoPS 22 48
KuPS 22 44
JJK 22 36
TP-47 22 35
FC Hämeenlinna 22 31
PK-35 21 29
VIFK 22 29
KPV 22 28
Atlantis 21 27
TPV 22 27
JIPPO 22 25
GBK 22 23
PP-70 22 21
Klubi-04 22 10

My prediction still hasn’t changed, however. RoPS will win the title and the three currently in relegation will stay in relegation. If RoPS slips up against JIPPO (and I will be doing everything possible to make sure that happens even though it would be slightly bittersweet for me) then the last 3 games of the season will definitely be interesting!!

By the way, I’m not sure I’ve ever introduced myself on this blog. I’m Jonathan Burklo, right midfielder for JIPPO formerly of RoPS up until the end of August. I’m an American (yes that’s right an American- there’s 5 of us in the Ykkonen you know!!) playing my first year in Finland and in my spare time contributing to this blog, running my own blog, and free-lance writing for AmericanSoccerDaily.com.


3 Responses

  1. Extremely bad manners of me not to introduce you before you started Jon, apologies. Thanks again for the updates, they’re much appreciated.

  2. No worries…not a problem.

  3. nice to see a few americans playing in finland… best of luck to you and i look forward to reading the updates!

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