I’m off to stare at women now

Finland v Scotland at the Olympic Stadium. This blog has been shamefully dominated by the hegemonic patriarchy, and I’m going to rectify that today. Or maybe tomorrow, Wednesday are on the telly at 7:15 and I really want to watch that. Incidentally, if anybody knows somewhere that will be showing the Wednesday v Norwich game (it’s on Viasat) tonight in central Helsinki, I’d love to receive an email about that pub.

Anyway, this is a bit of a bridesmaid’s match, what with the festival going on over in China at the moment. Neither Scotland nor Finland made it, unfortunately, and this is the first game Finland have played at home this year – all the qualifiers wanted to play at home or against teams they’d face in the World Cup. So I’ll be interested to see how it goes. The last time I saw a women’s international, it was Sweden vs North Korea in Östersund and a black suited shades wearing Korean man (it was 30 degrees and everyone else was wearing shorts) gave me his address and said that Pyongyang in the springtime is a brilliant place for a holiday. Unfortunately I lost his address, but it was a good experience. Sweden won 2-0, lets hope for a similar home win today!


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