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TamU 2 HJK 1 highlights

Horrible game. Mika ‘nure’ Nurmela showed why he’s in the national team. Because he can tell referees what to do and get away with niggly fouls, like some kind of geriatric Dennis Wise. The game wasn’t helped by a pernickety referee who wouldn’t let play flow, and who was intent on getting on TV as much as possible.

Speaking of TV, they really have Veikkausliiga by the balls don’t they? Normal TV games on Urheilukanava start at 7pm, but this was on normal telly so kicked off at 6:15pm, just early enough to make it annoying for those who have to go to work. The crowd was therefore quite low, just under 3,000.

One other thing: YLE had to have the news on at half time, so there was no injury time whatsoever. Asuma blew his whistle with the scoreboard clock on about 44:50. I know sport in Finland is usually grateful for TV coverage, but why not tell YLE to swivel? Their actions diminished the game and showed that it doesn’t really matter to them (no half time analysis, very low crowd, picking HJK because they couldn’t be arsed to have a little think and show the Haka game instead), so why bend over backwards trying to please them?

The HJK fans were very funny. They have two groups: ‘sakilaiset’ who like their stone island and burberry and probably watch the football factory every day; and ‘Forza HJK’, who wear team shirts and colours and try to make things brighter at Finnair stadium. There was plenty of space for them, and they used it-about 30 sakilaiset taking up a space near the centre of the stand and 2 (two) Forza HJK guys about 30 metres to their left. I don’t know what ‘ideological’ differences they might or might not have, but 1 team, 32 fans, 5 banners and two sections? I’m backing the People’s Front of Judea in this one.


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  1. Laughed out loud on that “geriatric Dennis Wise” -comment. And your description of hjk fans, especially sakilaiset, was spot on. 😀

    Good stuff this.

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