GrIFK till Ettan!

I’ve been getting Hufvudstad Bladet recently. I haven’t given up on learning Finnish, nowhere close, but as I have to write a weekly article on Finnish sport it is much more efficient to read everything in HBL than to struggle with one article in Helsingin Sanomat for the 30 minutes I spend with the paper.

Anyway, today their biggest story is on the pride of Kauniainen, Grankulla IFK, getting promotion to Ykkönen. They beat KooVee 4-2 after coming back from a 2-0 deficit, while PoPa have choked badly at the death in their group. Good luck to them, and fingers crossed they can keep their minimalist and quite upmarket Volvo sponsorship.

Also promoted are PS Kemi from Group C, and Käpä from Group A. Good luck to all. Relegation spots are confirmed for *takes deep breath* KajHa, Lynx, FC Kipparit, MuSa, Masku and MiKi. Replacing them will be HIFK Soccer and PK Keski-Uusimaa. Obviously other clubs will be promoted from Kolmonen too, but they’re not in HBL and nobody texted me about them, so you’ll have to wait for a comprehensive list.

*Edited thanks to Lake and Ilari


5 Responses

  1. A small correction, MPS (Malmin Palloseura) is a Helsinki based club.

  2. There’s still one round left, so the relegated teams are not yet confirmed. In Group A, MPS still has chance to survive.

    Also before the last qualifying group games VPS-j, TUS, KTP and OPA have sealed their promotion to Kakkonen.

    By the way, great and very intresting blog to read. Keep it going.

  3. Thank you both for the corrections, they’re in the text now. I take it KTP are the old version of the vowel soup Kotka club, right?

  4. That’s right and VPS-juniorit is VPS reserves as you may have found out.

  5. GRIFK = money, I hope so.

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