Team news for Belgium

Mika Värynen is back! Well, he’s training with the squad at least, and Roy’s boys are hopeful he’ll line up on Saturday. This seems to be the most popular away game among Finland fans, probably for Trappiste-related reasons, the team will be very well supported.

Belgium have been very hit and miss in this group, but they don’t have much to play for now and should surely roll over for Finland. Forsell is out with a hernia problem, but apart from that it looks like a decent squad. Alexei Eremenko Jr wasted 20 minutes of my life by saying these things, and I do wonder if he’s had some platitudinous media training after his various tabloid escapades.

Hopefully it’ll be more interesting on Saturday.


2 Responses

  1. Hi TampereOwl!

    How much you ask for Tomi Petrescu?

    Finland in euro 2008!!

  2. €400000 – €2 million, depending on the source of “information”.

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