Probable team

R. Eremenko
A. Eremenko

If it’s not right, blame Jonas Von Wendt of HBL and Timo Järviö of Helsingin Sanomat.

It’ll be interesting to see Riihilahti and Eremenko in the middle, and relief greats the return of Kallio. HBL leads with an interview with Djurgårdener Sjölund (the only member of the squad who isn’t comfortable speaking Finnish), who says that a league title with the animal farmers will be nothing compared to qualifying for the European Championships.

Von Wendt is a little critical of Hodgson. He’s been very defensive so far, but now we need to win so what’s he going to do? It’s a question we all want to see answered, but I don’t think the team tonight is really capable of a 0-0 performance. Shit or bust time, really – I don’t think Finland can rely on Portugal and Serbia fucking up in the USSR and still plausibly claim to be contenders. More than anything else, I think they need a win to lift the spirit in the squad and ensure football stays in the public eye leading up to the Azerbaijan match.

EDIT-on a more thorough reading, it seems Von Wendt is having a pop at Hodgson for not answering journalist’s questions. This is a bit harsh. He never gets asked any bloody questions, Finnish journalists are very timid in press conferences.


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