Researchers required

Got a mail from a company that must have already stolen several months of my life, and led me to the conclusion that Henri Schewelleff and Heikki Aho are both worth £5m. Anyway, they want researchers for their new game:

A games company developing the latest football manager simulation game are looking to recruit reliable volunteers to help research real life football information and statistics relating to our game. If you’re a football fan, have a passion for the sport, are reliable and most importantly have some time to spare to report back then I would be interested in recruiting you. You need to have a knowledge of Finnish football down to at least the Ykkonen. You would need to provide reliable, up-to-date information on a continuous basis regarding squads, transfers, club staff, player positions and abilities/attributes/characteristics, team colours and managers.

If you feel that you could provide this, please e-mail me at

and I will get back to you with further details.


One Response

  1. haha that sounds like a deeply time-consuming pastime, leading to guaranteed anorakishness. but also kind of irresistable.

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