TamU win the title

Despite the best efforts of a very strange referee, who disallowed a perfectly good goal from Daniel on Saturday. Haka couldn’t beat Lahti on Sunday so the title remains in Tampere.

Highlights here

Congratulations also go to FC Honka, who clinched the women’s championship with a barnstorming 3-3 draw at home to HJK.

The bottom of Veikkausliiga gets interesting, with everyone up to KTP in the mix. The second relegation team goes into a playoff with RoPs, who may very well not be allowed to start the season because of their stadium. They don’t have undersoil heating or decent floodlights, and that’s a problem if you’re in Lapland. In Ykkönen they play 7 home games in a row in high summer and start and finish with a road trip. I guess Veikkausliiga won’t stand for that. Rumours abound that they might play in Tornio or Kemi, but that’s a huge financial hit for them.


2 Responses

  1. *WHAT* FiF curse???

  2. TamU –> Champions League group stage 2008-2009

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