Any one from three

Oulu hung on grimly, despite losing 1-0 at home to HJK. Jaro snatched a creditable draw away at TPS while Viikingit got a point away at VPS. The bottom of the table now looks like this:

FC KooTeePee 25 7 5 13 27 – 37 26
FF Jaro 25 6 7 12 27 – 41 25
<!––> <!––> <!––> <!––> <!––> <!––>
FC Viikingit 25 5 8 12 25 – 42 23
AC Oulu 25 5 7 13 26 – 46 22

The bottom team goes down automatically, the second bottom will play off against RoPs. The final day fixtures are as follows:


It really does look like Oulu are doomed, as the only club to have an away game on the day, and Jaro probably only need a point to stay safe unless Viikingit win by three against Haka.

There is still no clear answer about RoPs, as Veikkausliiga are waiting for assurances from the council and club that the facilities will be built. They can be given an extra year, but only if they see concrete plans and receive guarantees that things will get done this time.

Highlights are here, scroll up

Viikingit’s task is made harder by the fact that Haka still have work to do to secure the UEFA Cup spot. If they don’t win it could let in TPS, who are currently in the Intertoto position. The other UEFA spot goes to the Cup winners.

The Cup has been pushed to the end of the season, with TamU’s european games playing havoc with the fixtures earlier on. They will play GBK in their quarter final next Wednesday, then Oulu in the semi on the 3rd (presuming they beat GBK, who were relegated to Kakkonen this year).

In the other semi final Honka travel to HJK (it’s funny how they get to play their semi finals at home, this happened last year too), neither club is in Europe and HJK have no other route, so it should be a keenly fought game.


8 Responses

  1. Viikingit fought a valuable point at VPS yesterday.

    But do you know who takes the Cup winner’s UEFA cup place if TamU take the cup? I am still hopeful for Honka to make in to Europe.

    – Antti

  2. I think it trickles down the league, but I’m sure some influential people think it would be a disaster if HJK didn’t make it….

  3. If its assigned to a cup competition it should stay within the cup competition. Think of the glorious victory over Bayern Munich that we missed out on in ’93.

  4. That’s true, but now I think about it the precedent is definitely for it to go to the next lowest placed team in the league. Last year HJK finished second and beat KPV in the cup final, and as a result Haka got into the UEFA Cup. Which is a damn shame, it would have been great to see KPV in europe. They couldn’t have done much worse than Haka, either.

  5. Did the fuckers beat Bayern? I thought it was Parma.

  6. The rule is that if the winner of the Finnish Cup has a UCL qualifying spot, the UEFA Cup qualifying spot goes to the losers of the cup final. In all other cases the UEFA Cup qualifying spot trickles down the league, including the case of the cup being won by a club that already has a UEFA Cup qualifying spot.

    I believe this rule is mandated by UEFA. The FA Cup has the same system.

  7. I see that shit Johansson’s in on the vast anti-Wednesday conspiracy as well, then.

    Thank you, anonymous. So at least one of Honka, HJK, GBK or Oulu will be in Europe next year. For the coefficient it’d be best to have HJK, but it would be funny if GBK somehow managed it and represented Finland from Kakkonen. I have a feeling TamU will win the Cup though.

  8. And now I understand why it was Bayern not Parma, no need to correct me. That Jeremy Goss never did anything after that did he?

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