Partytime in Tampere!

Tampere United have planned a big celebration tonight in Keskustori. If you’re at a loose end after the Honka game why not buy a six pack and head on down to celebrate the championship? It starts at 7pm, and Tesoma’s finest Pate Mustajärvi will be playing. I cannot wait. Toni Lähteenmäki and Sami Hintsanen will also be there, but they are not on youtube and I do not know who they are.


4 Responses

  1. Soitat paskaa musaa, Richardson, joten alapas aivan alkeista:

    Mutta ei siinä muuten kato mitään. Hyvin sä vedät.

  2. Yeah well, it was the first result on a youtube search. I didn’t make it last night anyway, by the time I’d got back home, unfrozen my fingers and collected my alcohol it was rather late for the keskustori shenanigans.

    I can’t wait for global warming to bring championship celebrations in June, by means of winter football.

  3. Tough lack, mate. Myself I was enjoying the warmth of this public house.

    I’ve lived just one week in this neighbourhood and had never visited it before but, believe me, I feel like I had finally reached home.

  4. That’s your local? ‘ckinell, landed on your feet there.

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