RoPs win the playoff

RoPs kept two clean sheets and won the promotion playoff at pallokenttä tonight. Not sure why they couldn’t play in Vuosaari, they moved the game at the weekend when there was snow but now there is none and the temperature is above freezing. Even if there was a white out, that’s what orange balls are for you big jessies!

Anyway, now the fun and games will start. Rovaniemi council has to give assurances that floodlights will be built, at the very least, and the rest of the licensing requirements will be met. If assurances are provided, with timescales, then RoPs can play in Veikkausliiga (on pain of relegation should the council fail to improve the facilities). If not, who knows what happens.

The draw for the League Cup have been made, and it seems a bit nonsensical to me. The groups are:

Group 1

FC Honka
Tampere United

Group 2

FC Lahti
FF Jaro
FC Inter
FC Haka
IFK Mariehamn

The competition has small but dedicated bands of followers, who will face increased journey times as a result of the draw. Then again, the liquid refreshments en route are often the best part of league cup games, so maybe this is a good thing for everyone. the competition starts on the 25th of January.

Finally, I have to say Jonas Von Wendt is fast becoming my favourite football journalist. His Hodgson-neutral position is close to what I was brought up on when discussing national teams, and his ‘Sport on TV’ section today is fantastic.

You know how the amount of stuff that happens always fits exactly the amount of space available in the news bulletins? Well Jonas’s sport on TV guide is having none of that. The number one suggestion is ‘Ice hockey studio on Urheilukanava, second is Lyon-Stuttgart, and in third spot is ‘The Sting’ on Canal+ Comedy, starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford. “Maybe it doesn’t have anything directly to do with sport, but it’s a real classic,” says Jonas.


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